Consign With Us



Photos: Clear images showcasing your items.

Essential Information: The brand name, origin of purchase, age, current condition, and original retail price are all helpful.

Upon receiving your email, our team will review each submission. We strive to respond within 48 hours with our decision. We will reply with delivery information if items are accepted, or we will refer you to other shops if the items are not a good fit for our clientele.

for accepted items.


Prompt and Personalized Response Assured
Following your submission of photographs and details as outlined above, you can expect a response from our team within 48 hours. We value your time and are committed to reviewing each submission with the attention it deserves.

Seamless Coordination for Accepted Items
Upon acceptance of your items, we will reply to your email with a list of recommended delivery companies.  Please note that while we recommend these companies, they operate independently of Lost and Found Resale. We advise you to directly confirm pricing and other details at the time of booking. Typically, the standard rate for these services is between $85 to $95 per hour, which includes two movers and a box truck to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your items. We strive to make the delivery process as effortless and secure as possible.

Fair and Flexible Consignment Terms at Lost and Found Resale
The Lost & Found Resale offers a  50/50 split of the selling price under a 90-day consignment contract.

Post-90-Day Options:
Should your items remain unsold after this period, we provide two convenient options. We can donate the items on your behalf to a veterans charity that we work with, or you are welcome to retrieve your items. Please note that collection must be completed by the 97th day, as beyond this point, the items will be absorbed into our inventory or donated on to our selected charity.

Extension and Adjusted Split (Subject to Eligibility):
In rare instances, based on the item's potential and market interest, we may offer an extension of the contract for an additional 30 days. In such cases, the revenue split will be adjusted to 65/35% in favor of Lost and Found Resale, reflecting our continued commitment to marketing and selling your item. Our consignment terms are crafted to ensure a transparent and rewarding experience for our consignors, underlining our dedication to excellence and mutual success at Lost and Found Resale.

Strategic Pricing for Optimal Value at Lost and Found Resale
At Lost and Found Resale, our approach to pricing consignment items is both strategic and fair, aimed at ensuring the best possible value for both consignors and buyers. We typically set prices at 25-40% of the original retail value, a range that reflects the condition and market desirability of each item.

Pricing Assessment:
To determine the most appropriate price, we research each item to find it's original value. We price within 30-50% of the retail value of the item. If no retail pricing is found, we will price based on experience of like pieces.

Condition and Acceptance:
In instances where an item's condition does not align with the expectations set, we reserve the right to refuse said item. However, we will offer options for the item's return to you or we can arrange donation on your behalf. If an item requires cleaning upon arrival, but still meets our criteria for acceptance, a cleaning fee of $25 will be applied per item. This fee will be back-charged to your account.

Additional Fees and Discounting Policy:
Please be aware of a 3% processing fee against your account for purchases made using a credit card. As outlined in our contract, your items may be subject to a 15% discount after 30-45 days and a 35% discount between 60-90 days. However, these discounts are not automatic and are applied based on the item's performance and market conditions. Our pricing and policy framework is designed to balance fairness and market dynamics, ensuring that your items are positioned for successful resale while maintaining the integrity and exclusivity of our collection at Lost and Found Resale Interiors.

Check Issuance and Collection:Issuance
We diligently process and print checks on the 10th of each month, reflecting sales from the previous month.

In-Store Collection:
Consignor checks are available for pick up at our shop on the 10th of each month. If you are unable to pick a check up in person, please call or email the shop and we will happily mail one out for you. 480-588-7006;

Flexible Mailing Options:
For our valued consignors residing out of state, we automatically mail out your checks to ensure you receive your payment without any inconvenience.