About L&F Resale

Lost & Found

The Lost and Found Resale is a high end Consignment Furniture store serving Scottsdale, and the greater Phoenix area, including Mesa and Chandler.  We opened our doors early in the fall of 2012.  The Lost and Found Resale Interiors specializes in mid to high end furniture. We offer upscale, unique and eclectic resale and consignment furniture.


The Lost and Found Resale Interiors was created in August of 2012 in it’s current location. Jill Cooper, the owner, brings with her years of experience in design, remodeling, home interior staging, and personal shopping. Jill has a driven passion for interior design and never settles for the same look in any two designs.  This has continually led her to seek out and find those lost, but never forgotten, highly sought after, one of a kind high end items,  and find them at a very desirable price.

Jill Cooper

Jill can be considered a native of Scottsdale, as she has been here for most of her life. After graduating with a B.S. in Microbiology, Jill started her professional career as a Project Manager with a commercial construction company.   After a few career changes, including medical sales, pharmaceutical sales, and raising children,  Jill found herself back in the construction industry.   She started out specializing in remodels, interior staging, and design work while never realizing at the time that these work experiences would lead her to open her own retail operation.

Heart & Soul

Even before the doors of the first store opened it was decided that Lost And Found Resale Interiors would be more than a consignment furniture store.  Jill had a passion for thrift and resale shopping and she took into consideration everything she thought needed improvement in these shops and started there.   As a designer she was determined to showcase interior and exterior furnishings in such a way as to inspire the homeowner’s creativity,  and provide high end quality furnishings to the public at an amazingly affordable price. Such is the heart and soul of The Lost And Found Resale Interiors.

Art of the Shop

While Jill has a flair for staging and designing the shop for the best appeal,  she has hired a number of professional staging artists and interior designers to help tastefully arrange and prepare an environment for each and every piece.  It’s definitely a collaborative space! The Lost And Found strives to create an environment to both inspire the shopper and display pieces in an easy to view arrangement so one can picture the items in your their own home.
Stop by to see what we are talking about, and allow the friendly and talented staff  help you in any way possible. The entire staff has a passion for the business and The Lost & Found in particular, and are eager to let their creative juices flow!
The Lost & Found Resale Interiors in incredibly selective in items they accept on consignment, and items they bring in to the shop,  add this with their unique ability of offering fantastic deals for customers and you come out with an equation that equals success.


Our Shop, The Lost And Found Resale Consignment Furniture Interiors is slightly different than all the other high end consignment furniture stores in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler AZ area as we don’t take in only on consignment for our inventory. Most often, a percentage  of our designer inventory items are selections that we have found throughout the state and country and found interesting enough to offer to our upscale clientele. These unique home furnishings are what we bring into the store to share with you.

Consign With Us!