About Our Owner

Jill Cooper

Jill can be considered a native of Scottsdale, as she has been here for most of her life. After graduating with a B.S. in Microbiology, Jill started her professional career as a Project Manager with a commercial construction company.   After a few career changes, including medical sales, pharmaceutical sales, and raising children,  Jill found herself back in the construction industry.   She started out specializing in remodels, interior staging, and design work while never realizing at the time that these work experiences would lead her to open her own retail operation.

While working with clients on remodel and design work, Jill found her passion to be in discovering incredible and unique furnishings at incredible prices for clients and herself.  Jill took booth space at another Scottsdale furniture consignment shop and began acquiring and passing on her upscale one of a kind designer finds to the public. After only one year of successfully running her small resale furniture shop, Jill decided to start her own consignment resale furniture business allowing her to seek out unique furniture on a much larger scale, while offering home interior/exterior furnishings to a larger market.

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